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Corned beef
Fish market
Chicago Union Stockyards, 1947
Domestic goat
Grazing cows
Labor protesters, c. 1910


What Is Your Food Worth? is a collaborative project housed at the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History at Temple University. In partnership with Philadelphia-area synagogues, cultural institutions, and activist groups, What Is Your Food Worth? seeks to stimulate conversations about food, ethics, sustainability, and eating Jewish.

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Radical Jewish Philadelphia: Arts Forum & Symposium

An exploration through art and conversation of Jewish radical politics in Philadelphia, drawing on a newly compiled oral history collection of Jews and leftist politics in Philadelphia, featuring a keynote by Tony Michels (Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison). Co-sponsored with Paley Library, Tyler School of Art, and Hidden City. Free and open to the public. More information available soon.

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Peter Singer: Mensch & Food Ethicist

Peter Singer: Mensch & Food Ethicist

Peter Singer has written the best book on food ethics you haven’t read yet. Read a succulent snippet in this interview where Singer talks about Judaism, suffering, and his humanitarian utilitarianism.